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Plumbing & Heating Service Provider In California

Engineering & mechanical solutions for all projects.



Alco's President Alphonse Becerra is a mechanical engineer and second-generation plumber and piping contractor. Mr. Becerra grew up in the business and founded Alco Plumbing and Heating in 1988.

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For over two decades, Alco has built a reputation for effectiveness and honesty. Important new areas of Southern California economy, such as high tech areas, began to grow and they needed high-quality plumbing systems. At the same time, Southern California's traditional industries, such as medical and retail continued to expand.  Alco became an important partner in literally dozens of important building projects.

By 2007, Alco completed its transition to one of the premier plumbing and mechanical firms in Southern California.

After years of steady growth, we took the next step and moved into a major, 4000-square-foot facility in Anaheim, California. From this new location, Alco oversees the design and construction of piping projects for multiple commercial companies and for other prominent Southern California businesses.

Over the years, Alco has proudly established the sort of blue-chip client list that expects good pricing and top-quality workmanship. With annual revenues topping $5 million, we are ready to take on any job and we'll build it with efficiency and pride.

Thank you for your interest in Alco. Like many clients, we have been privileged to do business with a pledge to make your project successful, on time or even earlier.

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What We Do

One essential component of a building is the plumbing system and we take pride in employing many of the finest mechanics/technicians in Southern California. We expect our workforce to be fully trained and up-to-date on the latest education requirements. Alco has built its reputation on its ability to build all kinds of plumbing systems. We do it safely, efficiently and in the most cost and time-effective way.

Whether it's a renovation project at The Grove, a high-rise suite or a Hi-Technology complex system, we take pride in every job. Our field people are recognized as leaders in the industry and bring a commitment of professionalism to every job site.

If you are considering a commercial, industrial or other important plumbing project call us.

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Design & Value

We cater to general contractors, designers, architects and engineers looking for mechanical solutions for their project. Our expertise adds value to your project through schedule management, design solutions, and overall capability to ensure on-time and on-budget completion. With the experience of completing over 1000 projects to date, work efficiently on your projects.

Our Work

Our in-house staff provides estimation, purchasing, scheduling, cost management, risk management, quality control, and clear communication to support the operations team and our customers.

We provide engineering resources and services for any size of the mechanical contracting project. Our value-added engineering and methods help us lead projects in line with budget and customer expectations.


Mechanical contracting






Design-build engineering




Value engineering estimating



Cost management

Quality management

Risk management


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The world of plumbing and piping is already undergoing a significant shift. Water and energy are increasingly  becoming valued commodities. At Alco, we join with owners and builders to create buildings that will meet the highest standards of sustainability.

Alco is a proud member of the U.S. Green Building Council, recognizes the important role educated contractors play in the design and construction of sustainable, high-performance green buildings. Alco's Project Managers are LEED accredited professionals who approach each job understanding that water and energy efficiency are critical to green building.

Whether the project involves solar thermal or rainwater reuse, our team has the knowledge to create the kind of energy savings that is so essential to the contemporary owner.

If you have any questions or need to contact us for any reason, please do not hesitate to do so.

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